Camila Cabello Reveals When She and Shawn Mendes First Started Crushing On Each Other

Camila Cabello revealed when she and boyfriend Shawn Mendes first started crushing on each other—and why it took so long for them to date. Watch her recall the moment here.

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We have questions—starting with this one: Why did it take so long for Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to start dating?

On Friday, the "Living Proof" singer stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she revealed that she's always had a crush on the "In My Blood" rocker.

"For sure. I, for sure, had a crush there," Camila told host Ellen DeGeneres while watching footage of one of their first performances together from 2015. "We were stupid. I think we both had a crush there. But we were both, like, I don't know, being babies about it. We're grown now! Yeah, I definitely, definitely had a crush."

Now officially a couple, Camila and Shawn aren't hiding their feelings anymore. In fact, they never shy away from putting their love on display. Recently, the "Señorita" singers were spotted packing on the PDA courtside at the Clippers game. And, who could forget their steamy performance from the 2019 American Music Awards?

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello: Romance Rewind

While on the topic of their performance, Ellen asked Camila why she decided not to kiss Shawn after finishing the song. Understanding her disappointment, the "Liar" singer had a very good explanation.

"We practiced it and then [in rehearsal] I kiss him because…I kiss him," she began. "But then it's like, on stage it just feels weird because I know that people are expecting it. So, then I'm, like, ‘I don't wanna…' You know what I mean? So, then that's why I hit him with my nose."

Switching gears, the duo discussed Camila's upcoming album Romance and where the Fifth Harmony alum pulled inspiration from.

"It's about being in love," she explained. "I was basically completely single for 20 years and it was, like, the intensity and adrenaline of my life was in the studio writing about an emotion that I wanted. Whereas this time, it's just been a lot that's happened. And, you know, I've fallen in love and out of love and in love. And that's basically what this album is about. It's just kind of, you know, falling in love and what that feels like."

Watch Camila dish about crushing on Shawn and her new album in the video above!

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