Taylor Swift's Song "Christmas Tree Farm" Is More Magical Than You Ever Imagined

Taylor Swift released a new holiday hit that is putting fans in the Christmas spirit. See what the world thinks about the pop stars latest song.

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 06, 2019 5:02 AMTags
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She's done it again! 

The reigning queen of modern pop is back with new music, but this time, it's a Christmas song!

Taylor Swift unveiled her soon-to-be hit song "Christmas Tree Farm." The singer announced the news on Thursday via Twitter to adoring fans. "When in doubt, ask the itty bitty pretty kitty committee," she tweeted out alongside a video talking to her cat Meredith. "When they shun you with silence, ambivalence, and judgmental brush offs...just put the song out anyway. NEW XMAS SONG AND VIDEO (made from home videos.) OUT TONIGHT." 

Thank goodness Meredith agreed to release the song, because fans were treated to what is sure to be a classic Christmas staple for years to come. For those not up to speed with Taylor's life story, she spent a lot of her childhood on her families Christmas tree farm, which makes this single extra special. 

From all of the personal home footage from the video and the intimate lyrics, this song paints a picture of a beautiful and idealistic time of year for the musician. Undoubtedly one of her most personal pieces yet. 

"I actually did grow up on a Christmas tree farm," she also tweeted. "In a gingerbread house, deep within the yummy gummy gumdrop forest. Where, funnily enough, this song is their national anthem."

The song and video is set to debut on Friday morning on Good Morning America as well. This isn't Taylor's first foray into holiday music either. 

She released Taylor Swift Holiday Collection EP in October 2007. That album, however, featured covers of George Michael's "Last Christmas," "White Christmas," "Silent Night," "Santa Baby" and her original songs "Christmases When You Were Mine" and "Christmas Must Be Something More."

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Hopefully Taylor and Meredith have more holiday music up their sleeve! 

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