TMI alert!

When we say Ian Somerhalder is getting candid, we mean it. The V Wars star truly spilled his guts when he sat down for an interview on Sirius XM's Radio Andy on Wednesday. It all started when the Watch What Happens Live host asked Ian how old he was when he lost his virginity, to which Ian answered, "Uhh, 13."

Andy then questioned if it was an "older girl," which Ian confirmed with a nonchalant "mhmm."

"It was fun! when you're 13 and you're a boy or a girl, boys are pretty on it," he shared.

Ian added that he became privy to how sex works by spying on his older brother, who he described as "quite a Casanova." The former Vampire Diaries star recalled, "When he had girls over—by the way, Louisiana gets cold in the wintertime, it's freezing—I would go outside, put on all my stuff and my mom thought I was going out to play with the dog. I grabbed my hot chocolate, put on all my clothes, my mittens and stuff, and would watch and I learned a lot!"

All things considered, he joked that he now realizes how "scary" it is to be a parent, especially in this day and age. "You know all this stuff, and you look at all these little dudes like, ‘How dare you,' which is so vastly unfair. All my friends who are guys who have sons are like, ‘Yeah, you're going to get a date, yeah,' while all the dads with daughters are like, ‘I will kill these little bastards.' It's so vastly unfair."

Thankfully, the actor has a healthy amount of time before he has to worry about giving his daughter the talk on the birds and the bees. He and wife Nikki Reedwelcomed their first child together in 2017, a little girl named Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder

Since welcoming their first child together, the couple has mostly maintained their daughter's privacy, save for the few photos of hands or feet. Other than that, the famous actor shares plenty of looks at his numerous projects, including the bourbon he will be releasing with former co-star Paul Wesley. Plus, he's starring in the new show V Wars which premieres Wednesday night on Netflix.

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