The Voice Coaches Have Completely Different Views on This Holiday Topic

The Voice coaches sound off on the meals they lot to eat during the holidays and when it's appropriate to bring a significant other home to meet the family.

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'Tis the season! 

When it comes to the holidays, The Voice coaches are more than ready to celebrate. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani all opened up about a few topics surrounding the festive season, including the food they love to eat this time of year and when it's appropriate to introduce a significant other to family members. 

"Omg, so funny that you brought this up," Clarkson tells E! News' Carissa Culiner after being asked when's a good time to bring a boo home for the holidays. "Because our 18-year-old daughter is dating someone, who is awesome, but like for a month. And I'm like, 'No, you can't bring your boyfriend home. You've known him for a month.'"

She says, with a laugh, "That'll scare him."

However, Stefani has a completely different view when asked the same question. "With teenagers you just want them to be happy, so if they have that girlfriend or boyfriend... just let them enjoy the moment."

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When it comes to eating home-cooked meals this time of year, though, they can all agree nothing beats the holidays.


"I have to have pumpkin pie," the "Sweet Escape" songstress shared. "I have to have cheese, lots of cheese."

"My favorite thing at the table is stuffing and gravy," Clarkson explained, with Shelton chiming in, "Oh god, yes! You know what else? I heard this on the radio a couple years ago, and I did it last year. Leftover stuffing made into waffles in the waffle iron."

As for Legend, he sticks to the "classics" by having gravy, mashed potatoes and turkey at the dinner table. And believe it or not, but his cooking-obsessed wife, Chrissy Teigen, isn't the only one getting her hands dirty in the kitchen.

"I make my mac and cheese," the EGOT title holder revealed. "Which is also an important part of our celebration."

So when The Voice coaches aren't lending their expertise on the singing competition show, they're enjoying the best cooked meals with their nearest and dearest!

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