Nattie Neidhart Is Blindsided When Sonya Deville's Girlfriend Joins the Divas' Maui Vacation

By Emily Mae Czachor Nov 29, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Sonya Deville's GF Crashes Hawaii Trip

Not that kind of girls' trip!

When Nattie Neidhart planned a post-WrestleMania vacation for herself and her WWE co-workers, she thought everyone understood the paradise excursion was invite-only.

"I thought that I made it clear to all the girls that we weren't gonna bring our significant others," the athlete explains in this clip from Tuesday's new Total Divas. "Because the whole point of the trip is to celebrate what we did at WrestleMania."

The trip's attendees include Carmella and Liv Morgan (plus Trinity Fatu, who's arriving later) both of whom appear to be on the same page as its organizer when they convene, respectively solo, near the Maui airport's baggage carousel. Sonya Deville, on the other hand, didn't get Nattie's memo about plus ones.

Sonya Deville Feels Pressure to Move in With Girlfriend

"Sonya, of course, shows up last. And she brings Arianna with her," Carmella—who, like Nattie, was looking forward to enjoying a getaway with close friends—tells the Divas camera, as the preview clip cuts to footage of Deville approaching the group with her girlfriend in tow.

"I thought you guys knew she was coming," the MMA-trained wrestler chuckles, taking note of her friends' surprised expressions.

In response, Liv seems to speak for everybody when she says Sonya left her pals in the dark about this one. "But it's OK!" she finishes, turning to Arianna. "We're happy you're here."

Can the same be said for the rest of the crew? See Nattie and Carmella's reactions in the full clip above!

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