Watch Frozen’s Idina Menzel Totally Lose Her Cool After Being Scared By a Life-Size Olaf

Frozen's Idina Menzel got an unexpected scare during her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show when a life-size Olaf jumped out at her. Watch the hilarious moment here.

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Something tells us that Idina Menzel will not be able to let this one go.

On Friday, the Frozen 2 star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dish about the new movie. But, little did she know, guest host Josh Gad, who plays Olaf in the Frozen films, had a big scare in store for her.

Keeping her attention on a montage of DIY Frozen cakes from the internet and dodging Frozen 2 spoilers, Josh had one of the Ellen Show's top scarers jump out from the table beside Idina's chair. And to make the situation even better, he was dressed as a life-sized Olaf.

After letting out a high-pitched shriek, the Broadway legend jumped out of her chair and took a moment to process what had happened. Josh, of course, couldn't help but laugh at his co-star's dismay. "Oh, the life that gave me," the Beauty and the Beast star said while he and Idina chuckled.

Before heading to a commercial, Idina said, "I almost peed my pants."

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Prior to the scare, Idina and Josh were having a lovely conversation about her induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On Tuesday, the Tony winner received her star alongside fellow Frozen 2 co-star Kristen Bell. Josh was on hand to sing Idina's praises before she accepted her star, which she admitted she forgot while recalling the momentous event on the show.

"Josh, you were kind enough to do a beautiful speech for me," Idina began. "I really…You really made me feel so special. He said I was, like, what did you say again?"

The funnyman replied, "I love that it made you feel so special that you remembered it so thoroughly."

Switching gears, the duo talked about Frozen 2 and how it differs from the original 2013 film. "We think it's even better than Frozen one," the Wicked alum declared. "It's about the sisters again and their incredible loyalty and love for each other. It explores Elsa's powers and the origins of her powers. And they leave the walls of Arendelle and go out into the world."

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