Psychic Medium Matt Fraser & Beauty Queen Alexa Papigiotis' Over-the-Top Relationship Will Make You LOL!

Check out this hilarious sneak peek at E!'s new series Meet the Frasers

By Alyssa Ray Nov 22, 2019 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Meet Unconventional Couple Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis

When a psychic medium and a beauty queen date, things are anything but ordinary.

Matt Fraser and Alexa Papigiotis make this point abundantly clear in an all-new teaser for E!'s latest docu-series, Meet the Frasers (premiering Monday, Jan. 13). From what we see in the sneak peek above, the love birds certainly bring the funny with their "over-the-top" antics and LOL-worthy couple moments.

Case in point: Alexa's near perfect impression of Matt doing a reading.

"So, I'm channeling…A grandmother! Did you lose your grandmother, sir?" Alexa jokes while wearing Matt's bedazzled dinner jacket.

"No, but I lost a lot of money today at the store. That's who you're channeling, you're channeling my bank account," Matt quips in response.

Although the beauty queen "loves Matt being a psychic," she does admit that her beau has "no off button." And it appears as though Matt has inherited this trait from his mother Angela.

"What Alexa needs to know about Matt to keep him happy? Sex," Angela exclaims in the clip above.

Angela isn't the only matriarch with big opinions as Alexa's mom Sharon is very eager for the Meet the Frasers couple to get married.

"Alexa and Matt are ready for marriage now," Sharon boldly states. "Let's just go right to the court house and just get it done, because we don't need no ceremony. We're good!"

We have a feeling Alexa would disagree with that stance!


Nonetheless, it's clear that Matt is smitten with his beauty queen love. In fact, the Rhode Island psychic only had gush-worthy things to say about his lady.

"I would describe Alexa as sexy, beautiful, confident," Matt rattles off. "I mean, you're a woman that knows what she wants."

For all of this and more, be sure to check out the Meet the Frasers teaser above. Also, don't forget to catch the season premiere Monday, Jan. 13.

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