Goop's $2.6 Million Holiday Gift Guides Even Include a Flight to Space

Goop's annual gift guides are here—and they're as extravagant as you were hoping.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 14, 2019 7:47 PMTags
Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop by the BeachCourtesy of Emma Fell

That special time of year has finally arrived: goop's 2019 Holiday Gift Guides have officially dropped. 

As has become customary for Gwyneth Paltrow's headline-making brand, the company has unveiled its digital gift guides just in time for the fast-approaching holiday season. And, with 10 categories of items, there's truly a present for everyone—from a $9 dental floss stocking stuffer to a year of nature expeditions for $1.3 million. Rest assured, they are indeed as extravagant and extra as we've come to expect. 

We've learned over the years that goop takes the art of gifting very seriously and, as the company proclaimed, the categorized guides are "the fruits of an entire year's worth of our gift-researching labor." Since goop is always on the hunt for the best, it's no surprise these guides amount to roughly $2.6 million in merchandise. 

So, what will those many dollars get you for your nearest and dearest? For the "wellness junkie" in your life, it could be a $2,200 rowing machine or $800 hydroponic micro garden. Got a guy? How about a $300 chrome razor. 

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For that friend who's always on the road, there's a $1,700 handheld suitcase with Hollywood ties. And for the new parents in the family, you can get fancy with a $2,600 convertible bassinet that doubles as an ottoman. Heading to a party? You can gift the hosts a specialty bread club membership. If you know any passionate culinary enthusiasts, perhaps they'd be into adopting an olive tree for $400. In need of more luxury? There's an entire guide for "the one who has everything," chock-filled with top dollar items, including a $2,995 electric bike and $7,395 Rolex watch. 

Because the team at Goop has indeed thought of everything, they've also scoped out those items you might want to just gift yourself or that very special someone. Yes, we're talking about $425 gold handcuffs, a $102 leather blindfold, a $55 suede whip, multiple vibrators and the many other adult items on their "Lover's Gift Guide."


The real fun comes with Goop's "Ridiculous but Awesome" gift guide, where the sky isn't even the limit—because you can buy a trip to space...well, soon, since all seats that have been released already are reserved. Or, if you're happier a bit closer to land, how about a $110,000 tree house?

The only thing missing from these gift guides is a winning lottery ticket. 

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