Yes, January Jones Has a Hilarious History With Mullets

January Jones took a hilarious, hairy trip down memory lane

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 14, 2019 3:52 PMTags
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Long before Billie Eilish was accidentally rocking a mullet, there was January Jones

On Wednesday night, the Mad Men alum took a hilarious trip down memory lane in honor of her history of mullets. "This begins my hair advice phase of Insta," the Golden Globe nominee told her nearly 900,000 Instagram followers. 

With that, the actress began posting childhood photos of herself with various versions of the infamous haircut, known for its short length at the front and sides and longer length at the back. Jones' captions for the snaps were equally entertaining. 

"Soft spikes. This is what happens when you go in the pool at a holiday inn and forget you don't have your DEP gel with you," she wrote of one photo of herself as a young girl. "Not nice that it was captured."

The star wasn't the only one to make fun of her childhood styles. 

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Chelsea Handler also weighed in with funny comments, including Handler likening one shot of Jones to a male star. "This is Gary busey's pic from 2nd grade, too," the comedian wrote. 

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose reacted with a simple, but effective, "Omg."

"Be kind," Jones wrote back. 

We're laughing with you, January! See the star's hairy history with mullets in E!'s gallery below!

Not Gelling With This Look

"This begins my hair advice phase of Insta," Jones began. "Soft spikes. This is what happens when you go in the pool at a holiday inn and forget you don't have your DEP gel with you. Not nice that it was captured."


"#2. Soft spikes again," she quipped in another caption. "You Dep'd it but it wore off before picture time and now it looks limp so smile really wide to make up for it."

Mullet Curls

"Soft mullet that curls in the back from the perm that grew out and straight and bad in the front," the actress said of this look. 

January Anne?

"This is called the Geist," Jones captioned this photo. "It's all about being open to abduction."

Copy Cuts

"This is called the side swish. It was my idea and then everyone copied me," she quipped. "(You know who you are). Mom."

Hanging With Great Grandpa

"Last one. I'm definitely terrorizing my great grandpa. But my hair is good," she wrote on Instagram. "It's before it was damaged by public interest."

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