Jay Cutler Declares Himself One of Kristin Cavallari's Designers in This Very Cavallari Season 3 First Look!

By Alyssa Ray Nov 14, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Banter Over a Romantic Dinner

Is Jay Cutler a "designer at heart"?

In this sneak peek from Season 3 of Very Cavallari (returning Thursday, Jan. 9), Kristin Cavallari gives the retired NFL star an update on her Little James fall line. However, the Uncommon James mogul quickly regrets this topic as Cutler declares himself the designer of a best-selling item.

"You definitely helped and I really appreciate that," Cavallari notes to a confident Cutler over dinner.

"Literally, I designed it," the former professional quarterback retorts.

While moving past her husband's designer claims, the Very Cavallari star reveals the vest in-question has become the company's "number one outerwear piece." This emboldens the 36-year-old, who goes on to claim that he also designed the boys' leggings.

"I don't think that you did," The Hills veteran responds.

Per Jay, he helped pick out the "patch colors and the colors, in general." However, Cavallari defends that she is still the designer, even if he did help.

Hilariously, Cutler reveals he would've liked to have seen smaller patches on the leggings.

"What? I'm a designer at heart. I can't help it," the father of three quips amid his design notes. "Don't take my design and mess it up."

Of course, the Laguna Beach alum doesn't take her husband's criticism to heart. In fact, according to Cavallari, everyone in her family "is involved in Little James."

"My kids are the fit models and I really do ask their opinions. And they're great, 'cause they'll give me their honest opinion—as will Jay," the lifestyle guru shares in a confessional. "Jay helps me a lot with the boys' stuff. And he has some really good ideas."

Although, we doubt Cavallari is rushing to admit that to Cutler.

For more of Kristin and Jay's hilarious dinner date, be sure to watch the clip above!

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