Matt Damon Racing Through a Golf Cart Obstacle Course In a Sumo Suit Is Even Funnier Than It Sounds

Ellen DeGeneres tested Matt Damon's driving skills by having him go through an obstacle course in a sumo suit on Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Check out the hilarious video below.

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Matt Damon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2019Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Talk-show hosts love to troll Matt Damon.

Fans of the actor know of his longtime "rivalry" with Jimmy Kimmel. And now, Ellen DeGeneres tried her hand at making the actor's life hilariously difficult on Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

During the episode, the host challenged the Ford v Ferrari star's driving skills by having him navigate through an obstacle course on a golf cart. The goal was to collect all of the blue flags and make it through the course in one minute. The grand prize: A $50,000 donation to the charity of his choice, Easy enough, right? DeGeneres thought so too, so she leveled up the difficulty by having Damon wear an inflated sumo wrestler suit.

"I feel good," he said before the clock started ticking. But, that good feeling faded fast when he realized how hard it was to actually remove the flags.

"These don't come off!" he exclaimed, later quipping, "Ellen, I feel like you lied to me."

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Meanwhile, DeGeneres was heard laughing throughout the entire segment.

Despite the host's teasing, the Good Will Hunting alum successfully completed the course and earned the generous donation.

But, it wasn't until later that a horrified Damon learned he didn't actually have to rip with all his might to bring down the flags. As it turns out, they were velcroed! You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Now, start your engines and check out the full hilarious video.

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