Nia Jax Breaks Down After Learning Her Other Knee Is Also Injured Ahead of WrestleMania

By Alyssa Ray Nov 08, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Nia Jax Breaks Down Over Leg Injury Ahead of WrestleMania

Nia Jax's situation may be worse than she thought.

In this clip from Tuesday's all-new Total Divas, the WWE superstar reveals she has concerns for not one, but both of her knees. As fans surely recall, earlier this season, the Total Divas star learned that her ongoing knee pain was due to a missing ACL graft.

"Now that I am aware that my right ACL is gone and that's most likely where my pain's been coming from, I have this weird feeling that there's something wrong with my left knee as well," Jax explains in a confessional. "I've been in pain in that knee for a long, long time."

And it appears as though Nia's instincts are correct as the doctor orders an MRI. According to Nia's doctor, the left knee feels similarly to her ACL-missing right knee.

"You know, being out isn't something that people want to do," Jax adds later on. "You wanna keep working, especially when you have the title match at WrestleMania."

Of course, Nia's health crisis doesn't just affect her as she's currently teamed up with her cousin Tamina.

Nia Jax Struggles to Face Her Fears of the Top Rope

Understandably, Nia is concerned that her situation will derail Tamina's first ever "WrestleMania moment."

Following her consultation with the WWE doctor, Jax breaks down into tears and finds herself needing to step away from the Total Divas camera.

"The past five years…it's been non-stop wrestling," Nia concludes. "To be taken out and kind of have to go away for a while is extremely scary."

Watch the emotional scene play out in the clip above.

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