90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Begins With a Lot of Skeptical Family Members

TLC's 90 Day Fiancé season seven introduced Emily and Sasha, a young couple expecting a child together in Russia

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Just one episode in and there are already cracks showing in the relationships at the center of 90 Day Fiancé season seven.

In the premiere episode, viewers met most of the couples from the new season who welcomed cameras into their lives as they raced against the 90-day deadline to wed their foreign lovers. There's the beekeeper and her Turkish man, the rich wine entrepreneur and his young model fiancé, the social activist/bartender and her bartender beau, the English teacher and her personal trainer lover, and the ride share driver and his angry emoji-sending fiancé from the Dominican Republic.

What a time to be alive.

Meet TLC's 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Couples

There were many instances that left some viewers scratching their heads this week, but Emily sure made viewers—and family members—skeptical. A self-described former party girl (she said she went to a lot of raves), Emily moved to Russia after graduating college to be an English teacher. When she got there, she said it wasn't like she imagined it would be. She grew lonely quickly, because she doesn't speak Russian, and said she joined a gym for human interaction. It was there she met Sasha.

Originally just her personal trainer, their gym flirting turned to dating which resulted in a pregnancy. Now, Emily is poised to be the third Mrs. Sasha, and the mother to his third child with his soon-to-be three different wives. In the premiere, Emily was just four days away from her due date.

Emily's family was understandably skeptical. A video call with her sister was peppered with quite a few questions that upset Emily in Russia. Her family thinks he'll leave her as he did his other wives.

"We're different," Emily said. "Our relationship is perfect and we're going to last."

As she video chatted and was hit with tough questions, Emily said she felt incredibly dizzy, hung up and called for Sasha to come be with her.


Anna and Mursel
Anna, a single mom to kids ages 15, 14 and 6, is also a beekeeper in Nebraska. It's through her love of bees she met Mursel. They originally crossed paths in a Facebook group for beekeepers. The chatting from their led to video calls and a month or two into dating via video, he proposed. She went to visit him and when she got home, started the K-1 visa process. Now, he got approved and was on his way. But Anna said she was having doubts. What if he doesn't get along with her kids? What if the language barrier is too much? A lot of her worry was sparked after a meeting with her childhood friend.

Mursel eventually landed in Nebraska and the language barrier was on full display in the airport. Who was the random man Mursel had with him? It took a few minutes to straighten that out (they met at the airport).

Michael and Juliana
Michael, a self-employed wine entrepreneur, said he deals with imports and wine distribution as well as wine auctions. He said he knows he sounds douchey. And he knows what it sounds like when it comes to his model fiancé who is in her 20s. It doesn't bother him that people think he's an old, sleazy rich guy.

Michael and Juliana met on a yacht in Croatia. She was discovered by a modeling scout, but prior to that she was working as a seamstress with her mother. Now, Michael gave her access to his credit cards while she gets her modeling career off the ground.

The two met up several times around the world, but Juliana's travel visa to the United States was denied. According to Michael, they were suspicious that she would be coming to the United States for "nefarious reasons."

Will Juliana adapt to life as a step-mom to two young kids? And the fact that Michael lives around the corner from his ex-wife, whom he says he's grown closer with since the divorce? His ex-wife questioned whether Juliana is with Michael for the right reasons and really worried about the disruption her arrival will bring to the lives of her kids.

Tania and Syngin
Tania, a bartender and social activist, met Syngin while in South Africa to meet another guy. The first guy didn't work out, she went out, met some girls, and then crossed paths with bartender Syngin. She went home with him that first night and ended up spending two months in South Africa. She returned home briefly and went back to South Africa for several more months. Now, she's back in the United States and ready to welcome Syngin into her life…where they'll live in a shed behind her mother's house. Her family is worried how they'll do on her turf with her responsibilities.

Robert and Anny
Robert, a ride share driver in Florida, met Anny on social media. They began chatting and when Robert was ready to meet her, he booked a cruise that stopped in the Dominican Republic for a day. There, he met Anny for the first time and hours later proposed. "I go with my heart and my mind," he said about anybody questioning his thought process. He hasn't seen her since then. Now, she's getting ready to move to the United States and is ready for an expensive ring.

Ahead of her arrival, Robert, who admitted he is careful with money, went out to get Anny some lingerie. While out, she sent him dozens of angry emojis because she couldn't access money he wired her for any last-minute expenses in the DR. This did not sit well with Robert.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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