Meghan King Edmonds Is a "Crypt-ic Post" For Halloween Amid Jim Edmonds Drama

Meghan King Edmonds shared a "crypt-ic post" following her drama with husband Jim Edmonds. See what the former Real Housewives of Orange County star dressed up as here.

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There's more to Meghan King Edmonds' Halloween costume than meets the eye. 

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star used her Halloween costume to fire back amid her relationship drama. Really getting into the spooky spirit, Meghan dressed up as a zombie prom queen. No shade here, right? Just wait for it…

She shared a photo of her costume on Instagram and poked fun at herself in the caption: "This is a ‘crypt-ic' post." After all, she is one to post something cryptic to her social media. As reports surfaced that she and husband Jim Edmonds had split, Meghan shared a snap of herself looking teary-eyed, captioning it, "so raw."

The mom of three has since gone on to speak out about the situation. The Bravo star wrote a candid blog post titled "Broken" and offered her side of the story as it was unraveling in the media.

"I am broken for my family," she wrote. "I am buried in despair. I cry at the drop of a hat. But I am enduring. I will set an example for my children and I will teach them to love and respect people while also knowing how to condone unethical or wrong behavior. I will facilitate healthy, consistent, and ongoing relationships with their father and with his family despite the hurt I feel from them because my children should not reap the karma of my personal situations."

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Ever the fan of those "cryptic" posts, Meghan attached a motivational message to the emotional blog post. It read, "When you're in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you've been buried. Perhaps you've been planted. Bloom."

Jim has denied the allegations and told E! News that he is going to work to make his family "right again."

"The last couple years have been rough on my wife and me for many reasons," he shared. "Marriage is difficult but add three small children under three, two adolescent children, two adult children, building a house and two busy, hard-working spouses and the stress of living our lives in the public eye. At times we are exhausted and feel our life has become one of distrust, kids, work, house, sleep and repeat."

"We both carry an extremely large load and most of our issues could have been worked out if we had made more time for us," he continued. "With our busy careers and the addition of our son's medical needs, we were lacking quality time together."

Just a day before the drama began to unfold, Meghan opened up about how committed she is to her marriage with Bravo's The Daily Dish

"We built a life together and there are so many lives that would be affected," she said. "I'm hurt right now and our life is massively affected, but if we were to split just because of his indiscretion, then there's multiple other people who are affected, as well. So I owe it to not only myself and the commitment I made to my marriage to work on it, but I owe it to my children."

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