Watch a Young Dua Lipa Fan Give the Cutest Critique of Her New Song

An 8-year-old child named Sam is the first fan to hear "Don't Start Now." The singer plays it for him during Thursday's episode of BBC Radio 1's Breakfast show.

By Elyse Dupre Oct 31, 2019 4:09 PMTags
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Dua Lipa just gave one lucky music lover the ultimate experience.

The 24-year-old artist let an 8-year-old child named Sam be the first fan to listen to her new song "Don't Start Now." The magical moment was documented on Thursday's episode of BBC Radio 1's Breakfast show.

After listening to the new track, Sam gave the Grammy winner his full critique.

"Well, I think it's absolutely great!" he said. "I really like the tempo. It really changed. And I think, like, it was absolutely great. I think it was better than ‘Swan Song.'"

The "New Rules" star then thanked the young critic for his feedback and his honesty.

Because the song wasn't played for the rest of the show's listeners, host Greg James asked Sam to give them a teaser by clapping out the tempo and singing a few of the lyrics. Lipa helped him out a bit; however, she was impressed with his skills.

"You were so good!" she said. 

She also claimed she was "so happy" that Sam was "the first person to hear the song."

"I love it. I really like it," he assured her. "Literally, I think it's better than 'Swan Song.'"

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Watch the video to see the sweet moment.

Want to hear the full song like Sam did? Luckily, the wait won't be much longer. Lipa is set to release the tune on Nov. 1.

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