Ariana Grande's The Twilight Zone-Inspired Costume Will Seriously Freak You Out

Ariana is completely unrecognizable in an elaborate look inspired by The Twilight Zone's 1960 episode "Eye of the Beholder, which she debuted on Instagram.

By McKenna Aiello Oct 31, 2019 12:19 AMTags

Ariana Grande is inviting you into the Twilight Zone. 

After several days of dropping hints and spooky sneak peeks, the pop star has finally debuted one hell of a Halloween costume.

Inspired a 1960 The Twilight Zone episode called "Eye of the Beholder," Ariana portrays the woman in the episode who undergoes a series of surgeries to look "normal." But when her facial bandages are removed and it's revealed that she's been beautiful all along, the surgeons—whose body parts are disfigured and pig-like—deem the surgery a fail. Much to the woman's horror, she's then exiled to a village where such pretty features aren't so out of the ordinary. 

The moral of this creepy tale? Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 

In true Ari fashion, she put her own spin on the look by rocking her signature ponytail and sexily posing à la her "Dangerous Woman" music video

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Glam gurus Josh LiuJulie Hassett and Daniel Chinchilla helped bring Grande's vision to life, while Ricky Alvarez shot the seriously freaky photos. 

See how Ariana's version compares to the original Twilight Zone horror below! 

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The "7 rings" songstress isn't the first star to go all out ahead of All Hallows' Eve. Karlie Kloss went just as above and beyond as a doll, while other celebs are dressing up as their famous peers

Normani just paid tribute to Naomi Campbell with a sexy look of her own, and Ciara and Russell Wilson portrayed fellow Hollywood power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Talk about one spectacular start to the season! Check out even more stars in costume right here

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