Jim Edmonds Promises to Make His Family With Meghan King Edmonds "Right Again"

Just one day after Meghan King Edmonds broke her silence on her husband’s alleged cheating scandal, Jim Edmonds is now speaking out.

By Mike Vulpo Oct 30, 2019 6:46 PMTags
Watch: Meghan King Edmonds Breaks Silence Amid Jim's Cheating Scandal

Jim Edmonds is ready to move on from his family's public scandal.

Less than one day after Meghan King Edmonds broke her silence and addressed the headlines surrounding her husband, Jim is ready to get back to private life.

"After what has been one of the most emotionally exhausting sleepless five days of my life resulting from a combination of anger, embarrassment, trying to understand, sadness to simply flat. I would like to make this statement," he shared with E! News. "The last couple years have been rough on my wife and me for many reasons. Marriage is difficult but add three small children under three, two adolescent children, two adult children, building a house and two busy, hard-working spouses and the stress of living our lives in the public eye. At times we are exhausted and feel our life has become one of distrust, kids, work, house, sleep and repeat."

Jim continued, "We both carry an extremely large load and most of our issues could have been worked out if we had made more time for us. With our busy careers and the addition of our son's medical needs, we were lacking quality time together."

Back in July, Meghan revealed in a blog post titled "My Hart" that her son has "irreversible brain damage." She has since documented on social media her journey in getting Hart the best care and treatment possible.


Things were also complicated when Jim previously confessed to his wife that he had exchanged explicit texts with another woman. At the same time, the baseball player said there was no "type of relationship or physical contact" between them.

And just this past weekend, reports surfaced that Jim was unfaithful to Meghan with the couple's nanny—allegations Jim denies. In addition, Us Weekly claimed Jim had filed for divorce after five years of marriage.

"I am broken for my family.  I am buried in despair.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  But I am enduring.  I will set an example for my children and I will teach them to love and respect people while also knowing how to condone unethical or wrong behavior," Meghan shared in her latest blog post titled "Broken." "I will facilitate healthy, consistent, and ongoing relationships with their father and with his family despite the hurt I feel from them because my children should not reap the karma of my personal situations."

According to Jim, it "saddens me tremendously that my wife is hurt."  And now that a few days have passed, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star is ready to move forward with his private life.

"I'm removing myself and all of my family from this unnecessary publicity that I obviously have never quite enjoyed. I have way too much love for my wife and kids for this to happen and it's time for us to get back to the private life we used to live," Jim shared in his statement. "Meghan is a truly special woman who my kids are so fortunate to have as their mother."

He added, "Hoping for some peace, normalcy, and the ability to move forward in a healthy, happy direction for every single person involved. I love my family and will make it right again."

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