Keke Palmer's Reaction to Mike Johnson's Date Proposal Inspires Hilarious Memes

See how the Strahan, Sara and Keke host responded to the Bachelorette alum

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Keke, do you love me?

After sparking romance rumors with Demi Lovato, The Bachelorette's Mike Johnson appears to have his eyes set on Keke Palmer. The reality star tried to shoot his shot for Palmer during an appearance on Strahan, Sara and Keke on Monday, and Palmer's hilarious reaction has now sparked countless internet memes.

Referencing his time with Lovato, Johnson shared, "I made a mistake. I don't like dating in public." Then he turned to the Hustlers actress. "But if I were to ask you if we could go on a date in the public..."

Palmer, dumbfounded, turned to co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines for aide, but to no avail. They pretended not to hear as Palmer scrambled for the right words to say. "What's the next question? What's the next question?" she said, her wide-eyed stare slaying the audience.

Eventually, she responded with, "I'm at work!" Now, her blank stare is a thing of internet legend.

And, in a hilarious turn of events, the host was the one to cast the first meme!

Posting a short clip of her infamous "SOS" stare, Palmer captioned her tweet, "Him: I love you Me:..."

The internet really went to town with the meme reactions.

The 26-year-old let the funny content continue by posting the video of Johnson's proposal on Instagram. "Even at the workplace #imtakenbymyjob #strahansarakeke," she joked.

It seems the only committed relationship Palmer is interested in is the one with her career! Werk.

Take a look at the hilarious memes above!

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