Jana Kramer Worries Mike Caussin Will Still Keep Secrets After Topless Photo Drama

Her husband recently received a picture of a topless woman and deleted the pic without telling the One Tree Hill alumna

By Elyse Dupre Oct 14, 2019 3:12 PMTags
Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Jana Kramer is addressing the "elephant in the room."

The One Tree Hill alumna opened up about her recent drama with Mike Caussin on Monday's episode of their podcast Whine Down.

Caussin recently received a photo of a topless woman and proceeded to delete the picture without telling Kramer. The actress found the picture after going through her husband's Apple Watch. After attempting to contact the sender, she questioned whether the woman was actually a real person.

Originally, the two hadn't planned on sharing the incident with their listeners. In fact, the celebrity said she was "shocked" her spouse opened up about it during the show. While she said she understood his desire to help others, she also said it was a "massive lesson learned" on not always sharing things in real-time.

"Because of where I'm still at with it, it's made my anxiety worse," she said. "It's made me feel more confused and it's just kind of, like, put more salt in the wound."

 Kramer also said "there are people out there who think Mike actually cheated." Even though Caussin has promised her it "won't happen again," Kramer has "heard that so many times."

"I think maybe now he sees how bad that wound is for me and the trauma of finding things—whether he did something or not," she said. "I'm to the point of, like, literally a nervous breakdown, where I just can't physically handle it anymore."

While Caussin apologized for the hurt she's experienced, Kramer admitted she's questioned his promises.        

"I told Michael the other day, I was just like, I don't believe that there won't be another time, and that sucks to, like, have to feel that," she said. "How do I believe that when I've heard so many times, ‘I'll never do it again. I'll never do it again?' So, it kind of puts me in this really awkward situation, and it makes me look weak and to have to be, like, continuing to stick around, whether he did something or he didn't. I believe that he didn't. I know it wasn't a real person. I know all of those things. It doesn't matter."

She then clarified that the true "trauma" in their relationship has been her experience of "finding out things."

"I need him to understand how deep that wound is for me when I discover something, whether he did something or not," she said. "That is just like—it's painful. And I just can't physically hold that anymore."

Caussin admitted he regretted sharing the incident last week and said he doesn't see the same comments Kramer sees because he's not on social media. He also expressed hurt over hearing that some people questioned his sex addiction.

"Right now, I mean, all I can do is be as empathetic as I can with you and understanding and do whatever I need to do [to] create safety around things," he said.

Still, Kramer expressed concern over whether there could be a future incident.

"I think, again, what's scary is the what happens the next time for me," she said, "because I just know I can't—and, again, no matter what it is. And I think that's hard, but that's my truth with it, you know?"

To hear the full podcast episode, check out Whine Out.

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