The Ghost of Roseanne Looms as Dan Gets Closer to Louise on The Conners

John Goodman's character is growing closer to Katey Sagal's, but the ghost of Roseanne

By Chris Harnick Oct 08, 2019 5:26 PMTags

Is Dan Conner ready to move on? Last season of The Conners, viewers met Louise (played by sitcom veteran Katey Sagal), a former classmate of Dan (John Goodman) and Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) who expressed romantic interest in the TV widower. Dan put the brakes on anything, but now in season two, Louise is back and it seems like things could be progressing between the two.

In the preview for the Tuesday, Oct. 8 episode of The Conners, Dan and Louise are visiting Becky's (Lecy Goranson) baby in the hospital where he tells his new grandchild that she'll be coming home to live with him, despite the house not being much.

"Hey, the fact that you have a house for your struggling daughter and her baby, and your other struggling daughter and her two kids, just proves you're a good provider. Just not much of a motivator," Louise tells him.

"You know, Rose," Dan says, catching himself calling Louise by Roseanne's name.

Dan apologizes to Louise and says he just feels so comfortable with her. "You don't have to apologize for feeling comfortable with me," Louise tells him.


Where do they go from here? You'll have to watch The Conners to find out. The episode, "The Preemie Monologues," also features Harris (Emma Kenney) confronting Darlene (Sara Gilbert) about her lifestyle, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) getting involved with everyone's problems but her own and Becky dealing with the costs of raising a baby.

Roseanne's presence is missed on the show and Barr's is off-screen as well, Goranson said.

"I think about her all the time. It's hard not to. And I always wish her well, we all do. We all love her and miss her very much," Goranson said on Daily Pop.

"I think just like in life, when we miss people, it's when either we need someone, we want to talk to someone, we want to hear their advice or their point of view. Or a lot of it is the joy that we feel working together and wanting to share that joy with her. If something's really funny, or fun, we miss that. We really, really deeply do," she continued.

The Conners airs Tuesdays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

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