The Subtle Way Katherine Schwarzenegger Makes Sure Chris Pratt Is Always With Her

Author constantly wears this simple piece of jewelry dedicated to her hubby.

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 02, 2019 5:59 PMTags
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Katherine Schwarzenegger is very in love with Chris Pratt and she wants the world to know it.

The recently married author was co-hosting Today with her mom Maria Shriver and Hoda Kotb on Wednesday morning when Hoda pointed out she seemed to be wearing her heart on her sleeve, or more like her ears! 

"I was just looking at your cute earrings and I saw it says 'CP,'" Hoda commented. Clearly there is only one person that could stand for—Chris Pratt! "My hubby," Katherine confirmed with a huge grin on her face. "I'm married!"

Of course it wouldn't be a mother-daughter outing without a slightly embarrassing moment, and Maria was there to provide just that. 

"Those are also your brother's [initials]," Maria pointed out. Katherine was quick to laugh off the hilarious comment, but was insistent that the initials were only for her husband. "I'm married. Welcome!" she teased.

Katherine Schwarzenegger's Cute Nickname for Chris Pratt

Katherine was all smiles and even shared a little about her marriage and finally finding Mr. Right.

During a segment called "I Really Needed This Today," the trio discussed an inspirational quote wall with things sent in by viewers. After bringing up a quote about things falling apart so they could fall together, Katherine admitted that she's experienced situations like that in her past.  

"I've definitely felt that in my past before," Katherine revealed. "You don't know why certain things are going on or happening to you in your life, but later they make sense and you're like that's exactly why. Waiting is a struggle to figure out why that was happening." 

Leave it to mama Shriver to once again dish the real goods! "She was saying I waited through all these guys to finally find Chris," Maria shared of her daughter.

The only thing more adorable than Chris and Katherine's relationship, is her relationship with her mom. 

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