Dark Pasts and Secrets Will Be Revealed on Stumptown

Exclusive! Get a primer about one of this fall's best new shows straight from its stars

By Chris Harnick Oct 02, 2019 4:00 PMTags

There is, and this is not an exaggeration, more than 500 original TV shows out there vying for your attention. Things slip through the cracks, like, the premiere of Stumptown, one of the most promising new broadcast shows of the year. We get it. But should you, dear reader, be interested in the new Cobie Smulders drama and not have the time to tune in to the premiere before the Wednesday, Oct. 2 installment, you're in luck.

"I play Dex Parios on Stumptown. The idea of becoming a P.I. is brought to her by Miles Hoffman [Michael Ealy] and he might regret it now because she's constantly in—I mean, look where we are, we're in the police department," Smulders says in the exclusive video above.

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Yep, we've got your series primer right here and it's straight from the mouths of the cast members including Smulders, Ealy, Jake Johnson, Carmyn Manheim, Adrian Martinez and Cole Sibus.

"There's a lot of shadiness that has to happen as a private investigator. It's visually unlike anything I've ever seen before," Smulders says about her action-packed series.

While Dex is navigating being a new private detective, she's also dealing with her past and present. As a veteran, she's suffering from PTSD. She has both a drinking and gambling problem, and is also responsible for her brother's well-being.

"She's a very complicated woman," Smulders says.

And then there are her relationships with Hoffman and Grey (Johnson). With Grey, there's more there than just a friendly bar owner.

"Grey's a character that when you meet him, what you first see is not what you get. You learn more and more, he's a guy who has a dark past and a lot of secrets. I've been having a lot of fun playing that storyline," Johnson says.

Click play on the video above to learn more about Stumptown.

In the Wednesday, Oct. 2 episode, a wealthy man hires Dex to search for a woman he recently met, but the new private eye learns the task is not quite as simple as it originally seemed. Viewers will also learn more about Grey and Dex's history.

Stumptown airs Wednesdays, 10 p.m. on ABC.

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