Lin-Manuel Miranda Has a Rap About Everything You Can’t Stand

The star performed an electric music number on The Tonight Show with his improv group, Freestyle Love Supreme.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is about to make your Hump Day so much better.

The Hamilton mastermind stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night with his musical, improv group Freestyle Love Supreme⁠—and the talented singers performed a live version of "Tonight Show Pet Peeves."

The group, comprised of Miranda, Anthony Veneziale, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Aneesa Folsd, Kaila Mullady, Andrew Bancroft, Arthur Lewis, and Chris Sullivan, took suggestions from the audience and transformed them into instant riffs and full-length musical numbers.

"We, of course, are called Freestyle Love Supreme, but we don't love everything," Veneziale said while introducing the segment. "It's pretty hard to love everything nowadays, am I right?"

He asked the audience to shout out things that they dislike and then kicked things off with on-the-spot raps about college, open seating in offices, and bunions. "Went to a college, got knowledge in my neck," Ambudkar rapped. "But now I'm in debt, debt, mother F'in debt."

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Miranda tackled open seating in offices—and blew the crowd away with his painfully relatable verse about dealing with your co-workers on a day-to-day basis. 

"Walk into the office and it's not that I'm bitter," the Mary Poppins Returns star began. "But everyone can see me every time I check Twitter." 


"Yo, open-plan seating is not the mood. I'm tryin' to do some work, I don't have any daylight to proof" he continued. "And, yo, I'm tryin' to do a little extracurricular activity, but this is doing damage to my long-term proclivity." 

Listen to Miranda and the Freestyle Love Supreme cast rap about everyone's pet peeves in the video above!

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