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Reeves' grieving mom refuses to believe her son committed suicide, as was widely reported, so she hires gum-chewing gumshoe Adrien Brody to investigate. Faster than a speeding bullet, the D-list dick uncovers several suspects with possibly murderous motives, including Reeves' opportunistic fiancée, Robin Tunney, and his former lover-patron, Diane Lane, wife of movie mogul Bob Hoskins.

Not a straightforward biopic, the flick follows Brody's search for truth and justice (and, uh, the American way) while flashing back to Reeves' frustrating career and complex personal life.

At times, the multilayered yarn feels overly padded--like the Man of Steel's bodysuit--and ultimately asks more questions than it answers, but this solid first feature by director Allen Coulter is an intriguing, darkly humorous exposé of Tinseltown's fading glamour and rotting soul.

The performances are top-notch--most notably Lane, who's a megawatt stunner as the aging, spurned wife of a movie mogul. And while Affleck doesn't look much like Reeves, he does capture his mannerisms, vocal inflections and eager-to-please charm. Hollywoodland is worth a look--up in the sky!
--Matt Stevens

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