Caelynn Miller Keyes

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Don't come for Caelynn Miller Keyes

The former Bachelor contestant clapped back on social media after a few trolls tried to hate on her hair. The brunette beauty posted a pic of herself on vacation with the caption "lost in Versailles." For some reason the post drew major criticism from some fans who didn't like the look of her windswept locks. 

"You're very stunning but please brush you hair once in awhile," one person wrote on the post. Caelynn had the perfect response: "lol what's a brush?" she posted before commenting further. "also...wind...". She's not wrong! It's clear that her tousled locks are courtesy of the wind, but that didn't stop more fans from sharing their unwarranted critiques of her style. 

"Have you showered though," another troll commented on the post. Of course, Caelynn gave the best clapback with a clever yet efficient answer. "No," she stated simply. 

Celebrity clapbacks are the best part of social media. Instead of letting the haters have the last word, celebs witty responses have become the new normal. We're so here for it! Caelynn joins the ranks of stars like Kelly Ripa, Busy Philipps, and Lisa Rinna who have all become pros at hilariously defending themselves against dumb comments from trolls

You might hate trolls, but everyone loves a good clapback! 

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