Ashley Tisdale's Disneyland Story Will Give You Sharpay Evans Flashbacks

The High School Musical star got some serious perks from her former network.

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Ashley Tisdale, The Late Late Show, Sharpay EvansTerence Patrick/CBS, Adam Larkey/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

Ashley Tisdale stopped by The Late, Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday night and explained just how she used to channel her iconic High School Musical character Sharpay Evans. Sitting down with host James Corden, the actress revealed that her Disney Channel days helped her gain VIP access into Disneyland.

Asked if she took advantage of the all-star access, she explained, "I did, I definitely did. When you work for Disney, you get, obviously, like, a VIP person to bring you to the front of the lines. You just feel, like, so cool."

And seemingly taking a page from her over-the-top HSM character, she admitted she used to bring her dates along to show off just how cool she really was. "I actually would bring guys there that I dated to kind of, like, flex a little bit and be like, ‘I'm Disney royalty,'" she recalled. "And then I'd break up with them after the fireworks. It was always a good story." 

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These days, those dates are just a thing of the past. Today, she's married to musicians Christopher French.

But she still has more Disney stories to share. On the late show, she was joined by Saturday Night Live alum Taran Killiam, who also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs alongside her Suite Life of Zack & Cody co-star Brenda Song. The duo recalled an awkward trip they had taken during the peak of their Disney stardom.

"Brenda was like...‘Come, hang out. Let's go to Six Flags. It will be a big group of us,'" Killiam said. "Great. I show up and it's just her and Ashley. They're 15 years old. I'm 21, and I'm like, ‘Okay, let's do this. Let's go have fun.'"

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