Paul McCartney Still Dreams About John Lennon

The singer opened up about his late bandmate on The Late Show

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It's been almost 40 years since John Lennon died. However, Paul McCartney said he still "dreams" about his former bandmate. 

The 77-year-old artist opened up about the late musician on Monday's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

"The thing is, you know, when you've had a relationship like that for so long and it's such a deep relationship—you know, I love it when people revisit you in your dreams. I often have band dreams, and they're crazy."

McCartney said he's "often with John" in these dreams. In one dream, for instance, they were trying to play a song together; however, McCartney's guitar was covered in sticky tape.

"No, I had a lot of dreams about John, and they're always good" he continued.

McCartney said he'll even write songs in his dreams, including The Beatles' hit "Yesterday." 

Lennon was shot and killed outside of his New York residence in 1980. 

While McCartney has many fond memories of Lennon, he admitted they went through some tough times, too—particularly after the band split.

"When The Beatles broke up, a lot of the talk was that, like, I was the villain and that John and I didn't really get on well," McCartney recalled. "It was a lot of down talk about it because, you know, everyone was sad The Beatles are broken up, and I kind of bought into it."

In fact, McCartney said he had to do a lot of "wrangling" with the public's perception. But after seeing an old photo of the duo working together, he was reminded of their friendship.

"That photo—when I saw that—it's like ‘Yes, we were friends,'" he said.

In addition to opening up about Lennon's death, McCartney looked back at his mother's passing.

Watch the video to see the interview.

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