What do Jesus from The Walking Dead, Roland Blum from The Good Fight and Mellie Grant from Scandal have in common? They're all part of Fox's new serial killer drama Prodigal Son.

The new series stars Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright, the criminal profiler son of an infamous serial killer, Martin Whitly aka "the Surgeon," who is played by Michael Sheen. Bellamy Young plays Malcolm's mother and Martin's wife, Jessica.

"In the beginning of the story, he comes back to New York to confront his past and his family," Payne teased. Malcolm then begins working with the NYPD.

"He has a lot of trauma from his youth and things he might have seen. A lot of it is about him exploring himself and his history and how to come to terms with that," Payne teased.

Sure, there are crimes of the week, but Payne said at the heart of the series, it's "about family."

Prodigal Son


"It's just a very extreme family, but at its heart it's about family dynamics, the family he was born with and the family he makes at the NYPD," Payne said.

Just because his dad's a serial killer doesn't mean the two are necessarily enemies.

"They have this very odd relationship where I kind of help him in his work, but I'm still in prison," Sheen teased. "And our daughter is a reporter, our mother is a very strange sort of socialite woman, so the relationship between everybody is what keeps the drama going."

Young's Jessica character is a far cry from her Scandal role.

"I won the lottery getting to play Mellie for seven years. I truly, truly did," Young said. "That's what led me to Jessica. And Jessica is diabolical and just dry and just pill-popping and bitter, she's [nom, nom, nom]."

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Prodigal Son premieres Monday, Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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