Scott Disick Calls It Quits on Flip It Like Disick's Jed Smith Project: "I'm Over It"

By Emily Mae Czachor Sep 20, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Gives Up on the Jed Smith House: "I'm Over It"

Real estate is a risky business. But does that necessarily mean Scott Disick should quit while he's ahead?

The home renovation expert and his team aren't seeing eye-to-eye in this exclusive clip from Sunday's new Flip It Like Disick, which opens in the aftermath of last week's $220,000 drainage nightmare at the group's Jed Smith property. Scott has taken a few days to "cool down" since news of the surprise expense was first brought to his attention, and at the start of the new clip, it appears he's decided to take a step back from the project altogether.

"I want to get rid of Jed Smith as is," he tells Willa Ford, Miki Mor and Benny Luciano during a meeting. And despite the group's pretty much unanimous opposition to the idea—Willa reminds Scott he's purchased "all the finishes" for the home's interior, so that's a sunk cost already—he seems to have made up his mind.

"I'm over it. There's too many headaches," continues the dad of three. "For me, it just doesn't work."

Scott Disick's Jaw Drops Over Expensive Drain Problem Reveal

OK, so let's say they drop the project. What then? As Miki points out, the Jed Smith house-flip is "80 percent to completion," so it might not make sense to sell right now.

"I'm going to sell it as 80 percent complete then," Scott says, acknowledging that putting an unfinished house on the market probably won't make his team the several million dollars in profits they originally hoped it would. Even so, he thinks breaking even might be worth it.

"It's not just about money to me. It's about more the fact that the energy [at the property] is just bad and I'm just completely done," Scott explains, adding, "It's like a bad date: I want the check and I want to move on."

Hear more about his big business decision in the clip above!

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