Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale: All of the Engagements and a Reconciliations Revealed

Love was certainly in the air as the ABC reality series capped off its twist-filled season

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Some congratulations are in order! 

Bachelor in Paradise season six ended with three engaged couples and another couple surprisingly back together. Was it the...most dramatic Bachelor in Paradise finale ever? It certainly may be the most engaging one... and we'll stop with the dad jokes and get right into what happened, as Chris Harrison oversaw the end of our time in Paradise (for now).

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski got engaged on the beach, but not all is well. In an emotional sit down with Harrison, Katie explained that she felt like she was giving more to the relationship than Chris was, and she was still engaged to him, but struggling to want to wear the ring. "I fell in love with potential that may never come to fruition, but I'm just praying it does," she said, tearfully. "I don't want to end things. I'm just conflicted. I want it to get better, but I want him to want it to be better."

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By the end, she and Chris talked it out, and she put her ring back on. Though, these two have a lot of work to do.

Dylan Barbour proposed to Hannah Godwin after many discussions over whether they could take a step like this without him meeting her family, and at first it seemed like she might say no. She eventually said yes, and now the couple is spilling to E! News about what it's like to be engaged, and what they're looking forward to now that they can go public with their romance. 

"I was shocked just because it was such a big moment and I think I had so many things going through my head," Hannah G. told us. "The biggest thing was, 'Oh my gosh, this is the love of my life. Yes, yes, yes!' but there was that one thing where I was like, 'Family, oh my gosh.'" However, she said she found it in herself to do something she wanted to do for herself and she knew her family would love Dylan.

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"I was like, 'Gotta follow my heart,' and my family does, in fact, freakin' love him, more than me—almost," she said.

Dylan said, even after their conversation about her family, he just knew together they "could tackle anything." "I think at the moment, Hannah saw that too," he said.

So, what's next? Living their lives together, publicly, doing simple things like brunches, working out together and going on walks. "Doing things outside would be fun," Hannah shared. "No, but really, just enjoying being engaged, enjoying being able to be public with things. It's been fun being private and being in this bubble, but I think we're really excited to live real life."

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Demi Burnett proposed to Kristian Haggerty in Mexico and she said yes, and then Kristian proposed back at the reunion taping! The pair opened up to us about why a second proposal was important and what's next for them as well. Expect to see them get married on TV, if it's free, but don't expect Kristian to do any more reality TV. "No," Kristian said about a spin-off. "I would only do it for her."

Now, they're ready to be an engaged couple.

"I think now we just date like normal people," Demi said about what's next. "We don't have to hide from people, we can just go out and explore LA together." The two learned a lot about each other in Paradise, Demi said, and actually got to a deeper level before the show. "Now we're just kind of learning how to work together with knowing how each other really is, and how the relationship is whenever it's this serious," Demi said.

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After we watched them dramatically break up last week, tonight we learned that Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones are back together. Tayshia flew (with some cameras) to JPJ's house to surprise him, and now they're taking things one step at a time. They told us they're planning some trips all over the world together! 

"No, I honestly wasn't expecting her to show up at my door," JPJ told us, noting he expected he'd hear from somebody else first if they were going to start down the road of reconciliation. Tayshia said she wanted to see his reaction to her showing up and how he really felt. "I thought it'd be best to show up," she shared. The two watched the rest of Paradise back together a bit and said there was a lot of screaming into pillows.

"Tayshia told me to go on those dates...and explore other relationships, and so I did," he said.

Now that they're back together, they have a relationship bucket list, which includes a trip to Bali, restaurant hopping and "just enjoy life together," JPJ told us.

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Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway are still going strong, as are Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. The former pageant queen admitted she's loving Dean's van. "I've slept in the van a couple nights. It's been great, she revealed, adding, "I love it. I'm surprised, but I actually love it."

In sadder couple news, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor didn't make it to an engagement, or even to the very end of the season.

"Clay, honestly, I deserve... I know what love is like and I deserve a love that is so deep, the ocean would be jealous," Nicole tearfully said, after Clay admitted he wasn't in love with her 100 percent. "I deserve to be loved equally and returned and even bigger. I don't need time to explore."

She continued before walking away, "That's it, Clay. I'm sorry."

It's safe to say it was a tense reunion for Clay and both Nicole and Angela, since they both felt like he broke their hearts. (If you ask us, they're both better off, but what do we know?)

Play the video above to hear from JPJ and Derek Peth about one of the reunion's hottest topics, their fight.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC. 

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