Scott Disick Finds Out About the Quarter Million Dollar Drain: See His Reaction

By Emily Mae Czachor Sep 13, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick's Jaw Drops Over Expensive Drain Problem Reveal

Scott Disick's team has expensive news, and he's paying.

"We have a problem," starts Miki Mor in this tumultuous clip from Sunday's Flip It Like Disick. As the contractor goes on to explain, bad weather muddied the backyard landscape at their not-yet-flipped Jed Smith property, which now calls for a costly new drainage system ASAP.  Continuing, he tells Scott, "The price we got is like $220,000."

"A quarter million for a drainage?!" the Talentless founder exclaims, very obviously shocked, frustrated and a little bit confused about the details of this particular quota. During a confessional sit-down moments later, Scott acknowledges that the number might very well pale in comparison to the hefty $5 million sum he "just laid out on the other investment" (hint, hint), but that still doesn't mean he thinks sending $220,000 down the actual tubes is a good idea.

"We can take money from somewhere else," Benny Luciano suggests, but it sounds like the boss man has considered that already.

Willa Ford Keeps $220K Secret From Scott Disick

"We're already trying to cut corners to make the house nice," Scott points out, adding that he doesn't want to "take away from the finishes" just to fund this underground necessity. And all that aside, he's pretty upset that this is the first he's hearing of the team's drainage fiasco.

"All I wanted you guys to do was communicate with me," he tells colleagues and friends Miki, Benny and Willa Ford, who have been sitting on this secret for at least a couple of days now.

"Every day things happen," says Benny. "You want us to call you every day?"

"Yes!" shouts Scott, and the exasperation grows from there.

"Bulls--t!" Benny fires back, but Scott insists he wants "to know everything" and also sounds really mad.

See how their dispute wraps up—or doesn't—in the clip above!

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