Total Divas' Carmella & Sonya Deville Try Reading Fan Tweets Without Laughing & It's Hilarious

By Emily Mae Czachor Sep 12, 2019 4:20 PMTags
Watch: Carmella & Sonya Deville Play Game of 'Try Not to Laugh'

WWE stars Carmella and Sonya Deville are tough competitors.

The Total Divas cast members are practiced at the art of looking impenetrable in the wrestling ring, and that proves to be a transferable skill in this heartwarming new video that sees the women's respectively impressive poker faces take center stage. Game time is a state of mind, people!

"We love it when you guys tweet at us," Carmella starts. "And today, we're reading your tweets and keeping score."

"You break, you get a point. And points are bad," Sonya chimes in.  As her screen partner goes on to outline explicitly, off-limits behavior includes: grinning, chuckling, swooning and pretty much any other example of discernible emotional expression. Sounds easy enough, right?

Wrong—if the Divas fans have absolutely anything to say about it.

"Oh my god I love Carmella so much honestly what did this world ever do to deserve her," Sonya reads emphatically, referencing a sweet message shared to Twitter and ostensibly directed at her co-star, who giggles a little because who wouldn't. Strike one!

Though Sonya manages to remain unfazed through several rounds of Twitter-fueled adoration, she cracks a smile and a wink after Carmella presents a clever one that reads, "Quitting my job for the much more lucrative idea of starting a Sonya Deville stan account," and starts full-on laughing herself.

Catch up on the ladies' social media love and see which Divas star walks away victorious in the full video above!

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