See Scott Disick's Flip It Like Disick Team Clash Over How to Solve a $220K Drainage Problem

By Alyssa Ray Sep 11, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Willa Ford Keeps $220K Secret From Scott Disick

The Flip It Like Disick team has a $220,000 problem on their hands.

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's all-new episode, Willa Ford meets with Benny Luciano and Miki Mor to discuss the latest problem at the Jed Smith house. As Luciano explains to the resident interior designer, a drainage issue has affected the land's elevation and requires nearly a quarter of a million dollars to fix.

"So, listen. Basically, we got a $200,000 problem," the Calabasas Luxury Motorcars owner explains. "So, the drainage problem, all this mess here. It rained, so it sank. The elevation is different."

Thus, Luciano tasks Willa with finding a way to cut her interior design budget to help save money. Understandably, the "I Wanna Be Bad" singer is skeptical that cutting corners will solve this monetary issue.

"Something's cutting. One of you is cutting somewhere," Benny demands to Ford and Mor. "Know there's somewhere we can find something, if it's either in the tile, maybe we do a different brand. What about appliances?"

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Despite Benny's plan to "reel it back in," Willa feels Scott will react negatively to the idea of cutting corners. In fact, the singer turner interior designer believes Lord Disick will walk away from the project altogether.

"Before we sit down with Scott, let's see what we're gonna eliminate and see if it's worth even bringing it up," Benny further defends.

This take makes Willa even more uncomfortable as she feels Scott should know about the drainage crisis ASAP.

"I feel we have to sit down with Scott. We have to tell him," Willa retorts. "Withholding information is lying!"

At the urging of Benny and Miki, Willa agrees to keep the bad news to herself for "a couple days."

"You guys, we are never going to make up $220K in finishes, an appliances and fixtures," Willa states in a confessional.

"Then Miki, you've got to find a cheaper bid," Benny concludes.

For the latest Flip It Like Disick drama, be sure to check out the clip above!

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