Mila Kunis and Adele Are to Blame For Ashton Kutcher's "Spite" Mustache

The actor explained the story behind his new facial hair on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

By Jamie Blynn Sep 10, 2019 1:02 PMTags
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Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but mustache Ashton Kutcher a question: What's with the creepy facial hair?

Allow us to rewind: Back in May, the That ‘70s Show alum debuted some rather interesting scruff above his upper lip. Or, as he calls it, "lip jewelry." And now, four months later, he's still rocking the fuzz.

So what's the deal? Is it for a role, as Fallon asked him on Monday night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? "No," Kutcher explained. "This is for real life. It's kind of crazy. I never intended to have this. I don't think I'd look good with it, but I'm keeping it."

The idea came when he and Mila Kunis were preparing for pal Adele's 31st birthday bash. On the day of the party, his wife approached him and revealed the theme would be 1970s New Year's. "I'm like, ‘Oh, well, we were both on That ‘70s Show,'" he recalled. "I think we've got this, right?'"


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As he got ready, he whipped out the bell bottoms and paired them with boots, a vest and a scarf tied around his neck.

"I'm looking in the mirror and I've got a beard going and I'm like, ‘Oh, I'm going '70s 'stache. It's gonna happen,'" Kutcher said. "I whittle everything down and it's thin. I mean, it's a high school boy trying to grow a mustache thin. But it looks great for the party."

Wrong. Again.

Kutcher and Kunis—she chose a "timeless jumper"—headed into the celebration and were hit with by a shocking reality: No one else was dressed up in ‘70s attire. As he told Fallon, "I'm like, ‘What the hell?'"

Well, turns out, the theme was 1930s New Year's Eve and they were just a simple four decades off.

"I look like Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights," he quipped. "What are you gonna be like, ‘I got the decade wrong?' So I'm just playing it off like this is how I'm doing it these days. And I'm like, ‘What's up Jay-Z, yeah this is my thing now!' It was really awkward."

And now the facial hair is here to stay. "It's a spite 'stache," he admitted. "This is payback. It's a full blown spite  'stache."

Except, it's not exactly spiteful if Kunis approves, which she does. "She likes it now," he concluded. "So now I can't get rid of it."

However, this is Ashton Kutcher we're talking about. As Fallon put it, "You can pull anything off!"

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