Scott Disick Eyes Mark Wahlberg's $12.4 Million Mansion for Next Investment: Tour the Sprawling Property

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Thought the Entourage manor had seen its last hurrah?

The sprawling Beverly Hills mansion that inspired more than a decade of pop cultural content—last owned by Mark Wahlberg, who executive produced the long-running comedy franchise and no, that's not a coincidence—set the stage for Sunday's finance-focused and increasingly high-stakes episode of Flip It Like Disick. Development at the team's Jed Smith house had screeched to a halt (ever since Scott Disick got carried away with a bulldozer outside the Hidden Hills property, not knowing at the time that contractor Miki Mor had yet to secure an outdoor construction permit with HOA), and Scott was on the lookout for new business ventures.

Fortuitously, he found one in friend and fellow real estate developer Ilan, who was spearheading a large-scale remodel on Wahlberg's former home and invited Scott to tour the 11,000-square-foot site as a possible investment opportunity. Not long after he stepped foot on the $12.4 million premises, Lord Disick was already positing renovation suggestions for what Ilan hoped would ultimately amount to a $30 million project. Pro tip: the modern homeowner probably doesn't need a cavernous grotto (a "full-blown eighties pit," per Scott) winding down the landscape of their ultra-luxurious and very expensive backyard.

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Ilan was ready to strike up an official partnership right then and there, but the Talentless founder needed a little bit more time to mull things over. 

"For Ilan to take my money on this investment, it would allow him to take some of his money and put it into another property," Scott explained, before going on to say that this type of shareholding move is pretty much "the name of the game" in real estate. "But with a house that might sell for around $30 million, the investment Ilan's going to want from me is probably pretty hefty."

In the end, the two decided they'd chat more about it over a dinner that did not play out during this week's episode. And while the profits of this potentially exciting new expenditure did seem promising after Scott's initial walk-through, the amicable house-flipper wasn't sure Ilan's offer was still on the table less than a month later. 

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Thanks to some serious nudging on Miki's part and an eventual green light from HOA, work steadily resumed at the Jed Smith house after an unintentional three-week hiatus. But when a proximate bout of inclement weather continued to stall progress, an apprehensive Scott started second-guessing the project (which he reasoned cost him something like $750 a day "for [the house] to just stand still") altogether. 

"There's no way this house is gonna be done in three months," he observed worriedly, referencing the team's original timeline for the flip during a visit to the home's mostly-empty lot. "There needs to be more people working."

And re-enter: established mansion mogul Ilan, who pulled up to the Jed Smith house one afternoon with a dozen extra hands to help get the project back on schedule. It was a near-perfect solution to an otherwise difficult problem, one that promptly fell apart once Scott's current business partners found out about it.

"Your guy is pissed," Ilan told Scott after a territorial run-in with Miki (by then, ruminating nearby alongside an equally peeved Benny Luciano) left him feeling sort of confused about how exactly he was supposed to be of assistance here. "I brought in all my guys and he's like, 'No, no, no. No one steps foot on my site.' We're just trying to help. They got a little butt hurt I think."

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Some earlier comments from Benny to interior designer Willa Ford suggested the team's issue with Ilan's involvement wasn't really about hurt feelings—though they probably would've preferred to hear about the additional hires from Scott ahead of time rather than in the moment.

"We don't need Ilan to tell us that more workers at Jed Smith is gonna get [the project] done faster. That is not our business model," the car dealership owner said plainly. "Our business model is that we want to make a lot of money. So, to make a lot of money, we have to have less people to pay. That's why we're doing it this way. Money." Capisce?

Sounds straightforward enough, assuming Benny's quest for additional cash didn't just cost Scott his new investment offer. 

Check out the two-story home gym at Wahlberg's ex residence—and see how Benny's office redesign turned out—in the full recap video above! And for an even closer look at the estate, scroll through the photos below.

Bird's Eye View of the 2-Acre Property
The 11,000 Square Foot House
Intricate Landscaping Details
Backyard Grotto
Personal Tennis Court
One of the Estate's 10 Bathrooms
Massive In-House Theater
Decked-Out Home Gym
Professional-Grade Boxing Ring

Check back next week for an update on Scott's future business endeavors!

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