Can Sakoiya's Match Pull Off This Cheerleading Stunt During Their First Date?

Two, four, six, eight...

By Emily Mae Czachor Sep 02, 2019 3:00 PMTags
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He's sexy, he's cute, he doesn't want the boot...

Mayowa is trying really hard in this clip from Tuesday's new Dating #NoFilter, in which he and blind date Sakoiya test run their physical compatibility during a provocative foray into couples cheerleading. Since Sakoiya is an actual cheer instructor, the athleisure-clad single is more amused than anything when she and her blind date are tasked with recreating a routine whose accompanying chant doubles as an ice-breaker that cuts right to the chase.

"'I came here to flirt with you, maybe after this date you'll be my boo!'" shouts an exemplary pair of cheer-teachers, who perform the routine's corresponding movements in full uniform before signaling their pupils to follow suit.

"I don't remember any of that," notes comedian Monroe Martin, as he and Steve Furey watch the potentially precarious scenario play out onscreen. Settling into position after having observed a single run-through of the choreography, we imagine Mayowa is thinking the same thing.

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Much like its lyrical counterpart, the routine's rhythmic dance moves are pretty straightforward—there's a foot pop, a quick dip, some synchronized clap interludes—until the grand the finale. As the chant segues into a bit about kissing "at the end of the night," Sakoiya's courageous match is expected to hoist her up over his head like this isn't the first time he's ever attempted borderline gymnastics before.

Lucky for everyone, Mayowa is a fast learner and somehow manages to pull off the overhead lift with only mild apprehension from his athletically-inclined partner. "'End with a kiss' and don't fall…" Sakoiya murmurs, just before landing safely on his shoulders. "Yes!"

Will Mayowa's smooth (-ish) moves qualify him for a second date? Though this particular date segment doesn't wrap up with a smooch, the night isn't over yet.

Watch the amorous cheerleading adventure in the clip above!

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