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"This month brings thought-provoking questions, like would you rather be right more than you want to be connected?" notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield

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"Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow." —The Fantasticks. That's right, friends, September is here. And a new month means new monthly horoscope!

"September brings thought-provoking questions like, Would you rather be right more than you want to be connected?" notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. "Why not get it right together? This offers a lot more than a momentary victory. Instead you find calm strength inside you when you pause before you speak. You also find confidence is right there, waiting for you—enough to see another's point of view, even when you disagree. Then find common ground. Confidence, it's the most attractive thing you can ever put on and wear. Take a moment and find yours." 

Here's what we recommend to help you find your quiet confidence this month.


This month, you see real results on all sides, abundance! Add an infinity necklace to remind you that true love is endless. Wear it and count your blessings, they are almost too many to list.


Peace-loving Libra has a hard time with sharp words this month. You do well with a travel manicure set to remind you that beauty can sometimes comes from a little careful trimming. Shape things with your usual Libra eye for beauty.


Your head space needs managing this month, because you are doing better than you think you are. Slide a beautiful mindfulness bracelet on, and when you see it, give yourself a compliment. There are lots of things you've done just right.


You need to get out of your mind and into your body, my clever archer. Time for silky, sexy lingerie to balance all that thinking your mind wants to do. Some things are better left to your body to say and slinky undies speak volumes, even when it's just you listening.


You've got powerful magic working for you this month, my sturdy goat. Time to put it towards a good cause. Adopt a sloth from the rainforest and put your money to work changing the world. Sloths remind you that even at a slow pace, you occupy a treasured and unique space.


Believing is seeing this month, but faith needs a little boost. Add a magic wand—a curling iron wand—to give you a visible expression of the sorcery at work in your life. Then every time you shake those curls, imagine that something else shifts and changes.


There is no easy way to say this: You are in transformation mode the next few weeks. Rather than fighting it, grab a home peel kit and help turn that caterpillar you into the beautiful butterfly just waiting to emerge.


Take it a day at a time, my impatient ram. You end the month in a very different place than you begin it. You benefit from a home cleansing kit to move through it with ease. From front to back, you want to be ready for the good things rolling your way.


Jackpot for you, clever bull. You add an extra brightness to anything you do the next few weeks. A luminous watch helps you remember that it's always the right time to shine.


You need your friends this month to help with the chatter in your mind. Instead of getting stuck in a mental wrestling match, put on a triple ring set with a couple of your besties. A night celebrating with that tangible reminder of what it means to have support is just what you need.


You get some real help leaving what you no longer need behind this month, tender one. Letting go is never easy, but this month is easier. Put on your best high style strutting shoes and look good leaving the past where it belongs. Behind you.


Words hold wisdom this month—both those you hear and those you speak. Grab a set of inspirational cards and pull one as often as you can. Insight pours through you and to you, make it count, my brave lion.

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