The Perfect Lyric From Taylor Swift's "Lover" For Your Every Instagram Caption Need

From your engagement announcement to a not-at-all staged candid of you looking into the sunset, the superstar's new album has you covered

By Tierney Bricker Aug 23, 2019 6:00 PMTags

We promise you'll never find another lyricist like Taylor Swift.

The 29-year-old superstar has always had a gift for writing perfectly overdramatic lyrics that capture every feeling a human being can possibly feel, painting the picture so well that you can see the story of the song playing out in your head.

And "Lover," her highly anticipated new album that officially came out on Thursday night, just became exhibit 7, delivering 18 tracks filled with lines that can immediately send chills down your spine. Such is the power of Swift. 

Of course, her lyrics also serve as perfect Instagram captions for many occasions, because sometimes, words are hard. (Even picking three emojis to perfectly encapsulate a Venmo charge is taxing these days, TBH). 

Taylor Swift's Lover Style

From you engagement announcement to a not-at-all staged photo with your girlfriends to a FOMO-inducing vaca snap, here's the "Lover" lyric for your every Instagram caption need...

Valheria Rocha

When you're studying abroad in England and want to humble brag/goes to London once: "They say home is where the heart is but god, I love the English." ("London Boy")

For your every engagement announcement need: "I like shiny things but I'd marry you with paper rings" ("Paper Rings") or "Promise to be overdramatic and true to my lover." ("Lover")

Shameless mirror selfie: "I know delusion when I see it in the mirror." ("Soon You'll get Better")

For when you just really like this pic, OK: "If I was out flashing my dollars I'd be a b—ch not a baller. They'd paint me out to be bad, so it's OK that I'm mad." ("The Man") 

For your FOMO-inducing vacation photo that you're actually posting from the office on Wednesday at 1 p.m.: "And they would toast to me, oh, let the players play, I'd be just like Leo in Saint Tropez." ("The Man") 

A group photo with your old high school friends you're hanging out with on your trip back home for Thanksgiving: "The only thing we share is this small town." ("Death by a Thousand Cuts")

For your raw and real "unedited" selfie with a long caption about Instagram vs. reality: "In my feelings more than Drake." ("I Forgot You Existed)

Your not-at-all staged photo in front of the sunset: "You gotta step into the daylight and let it go." ("Daylight")


Anniversary post meant to inspire envy: "And there's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you dear, have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?" (Lover") or "Went home and tried to stalk you on the internet. Now I've read all of the books beside your bed." ("Paper Rings")

A blurry-yet-beautiful snap from the an increasingly rare night out: "Drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar." ("Cornelia Street")

Ugh, for the youths still in high school: Light pink sky up on the roof, sun sinks down, no curfew." ("It's Nice to Have a Friend")

A solo pic of you casually sipping wine taken from across the table by your embarrassed friend: "The wine is cold like the shoulder I have you in the street." ("Paper Rings")

A basic b—ch's first "It's fall!" post of the season: "Windows swung open, autumn air, jacket 'round my shoulders is yours." ("Cornelia Street")

"Candid" of yourself standing in Central Park, on top of the Empire State Building, in the middle of a busy NYC street about to be hit by a cab to get the shot, etc.: "I'm New York City. I still do it for you, babe." ("False God")

Artfully curated pic of your group's drinks on the table: "my time, my wine, my spirit, my trust." ("Death by a Thousand Cuts")

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A dreamy shot of the clouds out of your airplane window as a two-year-old is having a temper tantrum in the seat next to you: "I've stormed out of every single room in this town." ("Daylight") 

When you pose for a photo in front of a neon sign: "Gave up on me like I was a bad drug, now I'm searching for signs in a haunted club." ("Death by a Thousand Cuts" 



Save this now for Stagecoach: "And you know I love Springsteen, faded blue jeans, Tennessee whiskey." ("London Boy")

A laughing pic with your girlfriends where no one is really laughing at anything in particular because, hello, candids look better!: "Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes." ("Cruel Summer")

A serious pic with the same group of girlfriends taken five seconds later: "The damsels are depressed." ("Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince")

A selfie of you hugging a physical copy of "Lover" because you are just feeling all of the feelings: "I wanna be defined by the things that I love, not the things I hate. Not the things that I'm afraid of, I'm afraid of. Not the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. I just think that you are what you love." ("Daylight") 

Lover is out now. 

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