Watch Willa Ford's Jaw Drop After Two Troubling Updates from Flip It Like Disick Boss Scott Disick

By Alyssa Ray Aug 22, 2019 5:30 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Breaks News to Willa That Miki Quit

The Flip It Like Disick team is in crisis mode.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Flip It Like Disick, Scott Disick and Benny Luciano give Willa Ford the troubling updates regarding the Jed Smith house. For starters, the longtime friends inform their resident interior designer that they've been shut down by the HOA.

Why? For demoing the basketball court without a permit.

"The permit that we got cleared us to demo and stuff, but not outside," Luciano attempts to explain to Ford over dinner.

"Kind of a big deal," Lord Disick adds.

Per the duo, a neighbor likely called the HOA over the noise from the jackhammer. "Who needs HOA permission for demoing?" Benny ponders out loud.

"Everybody!" Willa retorts.

Understandably, after hearing this update, the "I Wanna Be Bad" singer finds herself in shock.

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"You have to get approval from the HOA before you can do anything," Willa explains in a confessional. "Dealing with the HOA is like having a landlord. We're lucky they didn't completely shut the project down."

Sadly, this isn't the only negative update as Scott also reveals that contractor Miki Mor has quit. While Benny tries to "laugh through the pain," Willa urges the two to fix things with Miki.

"We can't submit stuff and start doing stuff without a contractor," the interior designer wisely points out. "I need a contractor to do my job."

Although Benny says he'll take over for Miki, Willa seems doubtful about the plan. Nonetheless, Scott signs off on the idea, claiming it isn't "the worst idea."

Will these setbacks derail this project? For that answer, be sure to watch Flip It Like Disick this Sunday!

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