James Van Der Beek's Dancing With the Stars Participation Was Predicted By His Old Show

On Don't Trust the B... the Dawson's Creek actor played a version of himself on the ABC reality show

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Watch: James Van Der Beek's Old Role Predicted "DWTS" Gig

Life is imitating art for James Van Der Beek. The Dawson's Creek star is part of the season 28 cast of Dancing With the Stars, something that was foretold by his former role—as a version of himself—on Don't Trust the B…in Apt. 23.

During the two-season ABC comedy series, Van Der Beek played a version of himself, a close friend of Chloe (Krysten Ritter), who desperately wanted to revitalize his acting career. During the series, he accepted many strange parts, culminating in an appearance on Dancing With the Stars where he competed against fellow 1990s heartthrob Dean Cain of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fame.

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At the time, 2012, Van Der Beek said he wouldn't do Dancing With the Stars. ""It was a blast to film. I had to learn how to dance. It was really funny. I thought it would be a hoot if the fake me went on the fake Dancing With the Stars," Van Der Beek told Parade about his fake time on DWTS.

When asked if he'd do the show in real life, he said, "I think it's more fun to do it this way. You can play it for laughs and not have to do all that work!"

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Well, now he better get to work.

Now a father of five, Van Der Beek told the hosts of Good Morning America he does a lot of dancing with the kids at home. Something tells us the dancing he does in the ballroom will be a little different than the kitchen dance parties.

After his real participation with DWTS was announced, Van Der Beek said he pitched the Don't Trust the B producers on his character doing Dancing as his secret way to do the reality show. Fast forward a couple of years and the actor said he decided to take the chance.

"Back then I was like, 'No, no I wouldn't do it,'" he told E! News. "I think I was probably a little afraid back then because I was just coming out of a career post-teen idol slumber. Fortunately, I'm in a very different place right now. I think I felt secure enough to jump on and do something crazy."

Meet the new cast below.

Mary Wilson

Where you know her from: She's a founding member of the Supremes.

Ray Lewis

Where you know him from: He's a former professional football player.

Lamar Odom

Where you know him from: A former basketball player and the one-time husband to Khloe Kardashian.

Kel Mitchell

Where you know him from: He got his start on Nickelodeon's All That before starring in a spinoff flick Good Burger and Kenan and Kel with Kenan Thompson.

Kate Flannery

Where you know her from: She's Meredith from The Office!

James Van Der Beek

Where you know him from: He's an actor known to legions of fans as titular character in Dawson's Creek.

Christie Brinkley

Where you know her from: She's a super model and actress known for the Vacation movies and Parks and Recreation.

Ally Brooke

Where you know her from: She's a singer, and one part of Fifth Harmony.

Karamo Brown

Where you know him from: He got his start on Real World, but now he's making viewers everywhere cry as one part of the Fab Five on Netflix's Queer Eye.

Lauren Alaina

Where you know her from: The country singer competed on American Idol.

Sean Spicer

Where you know him from: He's the former White House press secretary.

Hannah Brown

Where you know her from: The star of season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Dancing With the Stars season 28 premieres Monday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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