The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry Says She's Ready to Find Love Again After Divorce

By Mike Vulpo Aug 16, 2019 8:59 PMTags

Kimberly Perry is ready for a second chance at love.

More than a month after The Band Perry released a personal single about infidelity titled "The Good Life," one member says she is open to the possibility of finding love again.  

"Yes! Somebody asked me earlier, ‘Have you totally given up? Are you totally cynical about love?' No!" Kimberly shared exclusively on E! News' Daily Pop with Melanie Bromley and Carissa Culiner. "I have seen great examples around me. My parents, friends who have these beautiful relationships. So yeah, I have seen great examples."

She continued, "I think all things happen for a reason. I know that after a challenging moment like this, I walked away just so much more wise…You just have to keep an open mind, open heart, talk about life like water—go with the flow."

While fans may know Kimberly as a member of the Grammy-winning trio The Band Perry, the singer previously made headlines when she filed for divorce from former MLB player J.P. Arencibia in 2018.

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Since the split, Kimberly admitted that she has evolved as a person and has a new perspective on different aspects of life.

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"I have gotten to know myself a lot better over the past couple years," she shared on Daily Pop. "Sometimes I'm like, I love to just sort of go along to get along sometimes and sometimes you almost lose a little bit of your sense of self. It's like wait: What are actually the things I love? What actually am I here to do? What do I actually want to say and how do I actually want to live my life and so it was a good time to really take a look at that and reset if you will. 2.0."

Perhaps that new mindset will be reflected in upcoming music. The Band Perry just released their new song "Nite Swim" that further explores a more genre-fluid sound.

The group is also preparing for a fall tour where they promise to play "everything" in their music catalog.

And for those still curious about the true meaning about their latest hit "The Good Life," Kimberly assures fans it's about much more than the crime of infidelity.

"It's more about what are you going to do when you find out about it. For me, it was about, sort of, we get to choose what air we live in. What emotional air. So let me just step away from this. It's time to get mentally healthy, spiritually healthy and really it was an interesting situation," Kimberly explained. "'The Good Life' is really about recognizing that you can do better and doing whatever it takes to get into a healthy place."

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