Wait, What Did Callahan Just Pull Out of His Pants on Dating #NoFilter?!

Like bad jokes, it appears bad magic tricks are better kept to oneself.

By Emily Mae Czachor Aug 19, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Magic Tricks for the First Date?

Callahan has a few tricks up his sleeve…and one in his pants too.

"I need to hear some jokes," prompts Melissa—his blind date for the evening—in this clip from Tuesday's new Dating #NoFilter. "Can you lay one down for me?" The look on Callahan's face says he came prepared for this, but comedian Nina Parker is skeptical.

"Do you need to hear some jokes?" she quips, since Melissa's match just admitted his ideal bikini wax design would probably be "a blue lightning bolt," so we're not entirely sure we can trust him yet. We're even less sure seconds later, when Callahan tells his counterpart that he does "have a joke, but it's more of a terrible magic trick." Um…?

"Are you OK with that?" he asks, and for some reason, Melissa says yes. With that, Callahan gets up from his chair, clears his throat and steps away from the table.

"What is he doing?" Cara Connors wants to know, just as the bearded single gestures to his nether region with both hands. Zach Noe Towers thinks "we're about to see a dick," but Callahan is full of surprises.

Sporting a goofy grin and maintaining full eye contact with Melissa, who's still seated at their dinner table, Callahan unzips his fly to reveal a long, narrow, fully inflated balloon. Like the lightning bolt, it's also blue and has somehow been tucked away in his jeans this whole time. After taking his sweet time pulling the thing out from his pants, this very unpredictable man goes on to fashion a quick balloon animal that he calls a "Jesus fish" before handing it over to Melissa.

Confused? Horrified? Intrigued? Aren't they in the middle of a restaurant right now? 

See the bizarre "magic trick" for yourself—and try to decide if Callahan scores a second date or not—in the clip above!

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