Elementary Series Finale Gives Joan and Sherlock a Bright Future

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By Lauren Piester Aug 16, 2019 3:00 AMTags
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It's all over, dear Watson.

Elementary, CBS' modern Sherlock Holmes drama, wrapped up on Thursday after seven seasons and all is relatively well. The evil billionaire got put in jail for life, Bell (Jon Michael Hill) is now the police captain, Joan's (Lucy Liu) got an adorable adopted son, and she and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) are going to live happily ever after as partners once again. 

The final episode jumped ahead three years after Sherlock's "death" to Joan receiving a package from Moriarty, sending her to Sherlock's grave with a sledgehammer. He then showed up the next morning to help Joan out with the potential return of Moriarty and to fill Joan in on what he's been up to, which was mostly operating under aliases to take down international criminals, and staying away from Joan to keep her son safe. 

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Natalie Dormer didn't make an appearance as the infamous Moriarty, but her presence was felt as Sherlock convinced Joan their foe was still alive. 

Then, Sherlock learned that Joan had cancer, and he immediately changed his plans to go back to being a ghost and chose to stay in LA to help Joan through chemo.  

A year later, Sherlock returned from a funeral that turned out to be in honor of Moriarty, who he still believed was not dead, and we learned Joan had a clean bill of health. The two detectives were on their way to ask for their police consulting jobs back, and that's where we left them. 


Showrunner Rob Doherty told TVLine that Moriarty is "absolutely still alive," and will continue to be a foe for Joan and Sherlock as they continue their adventures together off-screen, so in a way, nothing has really ended.

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Elementary Series Finale

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