New Blind Dater Reveals Her Biggest "Deal-Breaker" in Hysterical Sneak Peek From Dating #NoFilter Season 2

Taylor is in the market for marriage, but will she still be into it once she finds out Lam still sleeps in his childhood bedroom?

By Emily Mae Czachor Aug 05, 2019 8:58 PMTags
Watch: Relationship Deal Breakers Exposed!

A bud-tender and a special effects artist walk into a tattoo shop…

Wait, wait, wait. Let's back up. Blind daters Lam and Taylor haven't actually met yet in this first look clip from Tuesday's premiere of Dating #NoFilter season two, though viewers—as well as commentators Nina Parker, Kelsey Darragh, Cara Connors, Zach Noe Towers, Shapel Lacey and Steve Furey—are getting a bit of an early introduction.

First up is 26-year-old Taylor, a special effects makeup artist with a wide range of professional talents and 21 tattoos (so far). "I do everything from beauty and makeup all the way to monsters that you see in movies," she tells the camera.

"Dating #NoFilter" Returns Aug. 6 on E!

Continuing, Taylor says her "biggest dating deal-breaker" is "definitely if they don't see a future with children or marriage." Valid, but will her match fit the bill?

When 29-year-old Lam isn't busy being a bud barista, he's probably hanging out at his childhood home (where he still lives), complimenting his mom's cooking and/or thinking about his next tattoo. Those who thought Taylor's ink collection sounded like a lot should know it kind of pales in comparison to Lam's full sleeve, not to mention the back piece stretching all the way up his neck.

Back to deal-breakers, though. "I'm not sure she's going to be here for him living with his parents..." Nina trails off. But, you know, never say never. 

See all six comedians' preliminary thoughts on the Taylor-Lam pairing in the clip above! 

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