How the Four Weddings and a Funeral Series Compares to the Beloved Film

Mindy Kaling is one of the creators of the highly-anticipated limited series

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Over 20-years have passed since the famous Four Weddings and a Funeral hit the theaters in 1994. In the many years since then, the rom-com has turned into a staple on the list of must-see films from the '90s. 

However, a lot has also changed in the two decades since the movie reached blockbuster status. For example, people want to see actors they can relate to in the shows they watch. Luckily, Nathalie Emmanuel and Nikesh Patel are giving viewers what they want, with the help of Mindy Kaling, of course. 

In an interview with E! News the Game of Thrones veteran explains, "One of the biggest differences that you'll see from our series and the original is the inclusivity and the diversity and how the multiculturalism of London is very much reflected through the show. Which is something that we don't really see, especially in this genre."

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That being said, the cast did want to make the project "its own story." Nathalie emphasizes this by sharing that she didn't even watch the movie ahead of filming. "I didn't want it to sort of be too much of an influence," she reveals of her preparation. "I was familiar with it enough to understand the parallels between the two and the similarities, and appreciate them and carry them into this series."

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As for Nikesh, well, he hadn't even seen the film until he was cast in the lead role! After all, the star was literally nine when the Hugh Grant film premiered. "I remember it being such a huge part of the culture, particularly as a Brit. When this project came along, and then I was lucky enough to be cast in it, I wanted to see it," he shares. 

The Englishman says that after seeing the movie he realized why "it's such a beloved film." And he's hoping that people will have the same reaction when they watch the limited series. "It was also exciting thinking that we were doing something that, as you said, honors that, but is also telling a very new story that will hopefully connect with a new audience as well as fans of the film."

The first four episodes of Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere Wednesday, July 31. New episodes follow weekly on Hulu.

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