Chance the Rapper Has a Role in The Lion King Thanks to Donald Glover

He might want to thank director Jon Favreau, too

By Elyse Dupre Jul 10, 2019 5:15 PMTags
Kirsten Corley, Kensli Bennett, Chance The RapperCharley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

From Donald Glover to Beyonce, The Lion King's cast is full of celebrities. Now, fans can expect to see one more big name listed in the credits: Chance the Rapper.

After attending the remake's world premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the three-time Grammy winner took to Instagram and revealed he's in the film. The 26-year-old artist posted a picture of his name on the silver screen along with several shots of him celebrating the movie with his wife Kirsten Corley and daughter Kensli. He also shared a few snaps of him enjoying the night with his fellow cast members, including his co-star Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy.

The night was clearly a special one for the rapper. In the caption, he explained how he grew up being "obsessed with all things related" to The Lion King and how the "original film was immensely impactful" on his music and overall life. Needless to say, he was completely thrilled when his "big bro Donald" got cast as Simba and did "the coolest thing ever"—tell director Jon Favreau to call him in as a consultant to help "keep the original flavor."

"So, for about a year I would go to the [LA] studio and see early animations, scenes, music direction or assemblies and they'd always be out-of-this-world amazing," Chance continued. "One day I'm there Jon asked me to do some singing stuff, another day he asks me to do some lines. It's all a blur, but I'll tell u it's one of the best blurs of my whole life. I am so blessed to know people like Donald and Jon man. Amazing film, amazing cast and an amazing [night] last night. God bless and long live the king."

As the photo of the credits show, Chance plays a bush baby. However, he told Access he originally "tried out for the role of Simba" but "didn't get it." Still, it looks like he—and his family members—are excited about the movie.

"My daughter loves the movie—she's seen it," he told the outlet. "She knows that I have a really really small part, so she's not going to be let down."

The Lion King hits theaters July 19.

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