Why Meghan Trainor Says Her Husband Daryl Sabara Is Her Biggest ''Fan''

The singer and actor got married on her 25th birthday in December

By Cydney Contreras Jun 26, 2019 12:38 AMTags

Meghan Trainor has truly found her perfect match in hubby Daryl Sabara.

It's been just about six months since the singer and Spy Kids actor were married in a winter wedding and they are loving life together. Meghan tells E! News, "Being a newlywed is amazing. I love it."

The "Dear Future Husband" singer says that her husband is truly "great" and "so supportive." While he seems basically perfect as he is, the songstress adds that his passion for her music makes her feel "amazing," especially in comparison to the men she previously dated. 

"What's really cool is having someone you love actually be a fan of your writing and I never had that before him," she shares. "So like I'll write a song and he'll watch me or he'll help me out or we'll get in the car after and he plays it and he's like, ‘You're the greatest songwriter ever,' and that just feels amazing."

Meghan Trainor Tells How Being a Wife Changed Her Life

When the pair first revealed that they had tied the knot on her 25th birthday, Meghan shared, "It's the beginning of an awesome, whole new life... I got way more than I ever wished for."

Since then, the pop princess has said that they hope to have a baby in the near future. "If we could do it how we want to, we'd be, like, totally preggo right now," she joked.

Until then, the star is making appearances on shows like Songland, which airs tonight on NBC.

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