90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 3 Is Full of Drama and Returning Faces

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek at the returning TLC reality show
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In the sneak peek above, get a look at Darcey's new man, Tom, who seems very different than her ex-boyfriend Jesse. Doesn't seem like there will any fights over how to cut steak here. While Tom may be different, is Darcey?

"No one's ever paid attention to me like that," Darcey cries.

"Darcey is a very emotional person, something that I don't particularly find attractive," Tom says.

Couples also include: Avery, 19, a recent convert from Christianity to Islam, and her 24-year-old online boyfriend from Syria; Caesar, 46, and his 28-year-old online girlfriend from the Ukraine; Benjamin, 33, and his 25-year-old girlfriend Akinyi and her very protective brother; Tim, Jeniffer and Tim's friendship with his ex-fiancé; and Rebecca a 47-yearold divorced mom who has been down the spousal visa road before, and her 26-year-old boyfriend Zied.

Meet the couples below and click play up top to see the exclusive sneak peek.


Angela, 53, is back again. When Angela traveled to meet Michael, 29, in Nigeria last season, there was no shortage of drama. Despite a break-up at the reunion, the two are still together...for now. In this season, Angela returns to Nigeria to deliver an ultimatum: Michael must change his ways or risk not coming to the United States to be with her.


Avery, 19, left her Christian faith at the age of 18 to become a follower of Islam. This didn't sit well with her family and friends, but shortly after she converted, Avery joined a Muslim dating site and met 24-year-old Omar from Syria. The two fell in love online and became engaged. Cameras follow as Avery travels to nearby Lebanon to meet Omar for the first time. Will she risk it all for a man she just met?


Benjamin, 33, is a divorced father with a 5-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona. He wasn't not having much luck meeting women in his hometown, so he increased the scope of his search and found Akinyi, a 25-year-old from Kenya. Now, Benjamin is making his first international trip to meet her in Kenya and to meet her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. But he'll be the first boyfriend Akinyi has ever introduced to her family, and quite possibly the first white man to visit their village.


Caesar, 46, is a nail technician living in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He's spent more than $40,000 to financially support Maria, a 28-year-old from Ukraine me met online. They were "together" for the past five years and now Caesar is planning to travel to the Ukraine and meet her. But Caesar's coworkers are afraid she's been running a scam the whole time. Once he meets her, Caesar plans to pop the question. Now the real question is: Is Maria everything she says she is?


She's back! Darcey, a 44-year-old mom from Middletown, Connecticut, whose romance with Jesse was chronicled for multiple seasons, returns with a new man in her life: Tom, a 39-year-old from the United Kingdom. Tom's a British businessman with the positive energy Darcey's been looking for. They met online four years ago, pre-Jesse, but never exclusively dated or met in person. Until now. Darcey is heading to the United Kingdom in hopes this relationship will stand the test of time—and distance.


Rebecca, 47, hails from Canton, Georgia, and has three kids and three failed marriages to her name. One of those marriages was to a Moroccan man she brought to America via spouse visa, but she's ready for love again. Rebecca met Zied, a 26-year-old from Tunisia, online and they fell in love...despite warnings and concerns from her friends and family. Now, Rebecca has a trip planned to Tunisia and if all goes according to plan, she'll return to the United States with a new fiancé.


Timothy, 38 from Charlotte, North Carolina, met Jeniffer, a 25-year-old from Colombia, online. he was instantly smitten. Now, he's heading to South America to meet in person for the first time and he plans to pop the question. Will it be love at first sight for her? There are a few hurdles that stand in their way: Tim's close relationship with his ex-fiancé, Veronica, and whether or not he can prove himself to be a capable step-father to Jeniffer's 18-month-old daughter.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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