Jenelle Evans is remembering the good times with her family and late beloved dog Nugget as she and husband David Eason battle to regain custody of their kids.

Last month, she was fired from Teen Mom 2 and a judge ruled that they would temporarily lose custody of their daughter Ensley, 2, Jenelle's 4-year-old son Kaiser and David's daughter Maryssa, weeks after he allegedly intentionally shot and killed his wife's French bulldog after it "snapped" at Ensley. Jenelle's mother Barbara has had custody of her son Jace, 9, for most of his life and his toddler sister was sent to live with them. Kaiser is with his father and Maryssa is with her mom.

On Saturday, Jenelle posted on her YouTube page a throwback video of her and David and the children playing with new pet chicks and chickens on their homestead farm.

Nugget the dog appears with the kids, not acting aggressive in any way.

"We wanted to try out a wide variety and share our family experience with all of you!" Jenelle wrote.

Jenelle Evans, Ensley, Dog, Nugget, YouTube

YouTube / Jenelle Evans

"The kids absolutely loved everything about raising these tiny chicks," she continued. "While we tackle trying to figure out farm life, we learn a lot along the way. We love to share helpful information with all of you as we learn."

In April, Jenelle drew concern from fans when she signaled that her other dog was threatening her chickens by tweeting, "Don't get a pitbull if you plan on having a #Homestead cuzzzz he just wants our chicks really bad...But he was here first sooo."

Jenelle Evans, Ensley, Dog, Nugget, YouTube

YouTube / Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and David are continuing to fight to try to regain custody of their kids. She is currently allowed to see her children only during supervised visits once a week.

"We are fighting for all the children to come home," she told E! News earlier this week.

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