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Say hello to your shadow side this month, notes our resident spiritual advisor

By Katherine Riley Jun 01, 2019 10:00 AMTags
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It's June, and you know what that means? Time for a new monthly horoscope!

Say hello to your shadow side this June, notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. "Keep in mind that when you stand underneath the bright light, your shadow shrinks down to the size of your feet," she explains. "So if you catch your evil twin making decisions for you, shift position and so does the shadow. Manage angry words or they wind up managing you the next few weeks."

Getting Us movie vibes? Don't sweat it, we've got all sorts of goodies to keep June gloom at bay. Keep scrollin'...


Oh, the choices that tempt you this month will challenge you to pick between too many good things, my lovely twin. This would be an excellent time to invest in an oracle deck to help guide you to heartfelt choices rather than mind loops that leave you dizzy.

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You've got an inspired new beginning this month, my tender crab. While the unfamiliar can cause a bit of anxiety, grab your best "dare to be seen" dress that helps you be noticed without you making a scene. Then watch while you steal the show almost effortlessly.

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Time to give credit rather than look for it, my proud lion. While you are wired to need the spotlight, this month you do best when you shine it on those you admire or love. Give them a gold medal or at least a gold medallion to go with your applause and watch it come right back to you.

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The shifts in your world are seismic but deep underground, my Venus-ruled one. Patience is required while the change travels up to the surface. You need a good pair of hiking boots to climb to the top of the heap—because there's some work ahead—but it comes with a beautiful view while you get there.

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Ouch, my peace-loving Libra, this month is not easy for you, but there are rewards if you do the work. Harness those good ideas and put them down in writing, they are valuable indeed. Invest in a journal so you can write down your ideas for the masses. You'll be glad you did.

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While you excel at dark imaginings, this month most of what you fear never comes to pass. Find the softest yoga gear and take a class or two that brings down the fever pitch while you stretch away any knots you tied with your rich imagination.

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Big change is your breakfast food, so the slow pace of the things this month can have you impatient and cranky if you aren't careful. You've come farther than it feels, but you could use a chill strategy while it unfolds.Grab a beach chair and umbrella and head to someplace wet or green to cool out while it all comes together.

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Oh, my sure-footed one, you've got a treasure hunt this month with uncertainty in every step, and that irritates the structure-loving you. Help trust your intuitive self with a set of outrageously sexy lingerie to remind you to pick what feels good over what you "should" do. The results will exceed expectations this way, more than the predictable ever could.

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The biggest challenge you have this month is managing the envy you stir in others. While things come easy for you, it's not as easy for everyone else. You need compassion more than judgement, so wear a heart every chance you get to help you stay connected to yours.

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You can trust what you feel and where you want to go this month, sweet fish. The challenge is to take the leap of faith. Do it in a new pair of sunglasses for the inspirational view and go for what you want. There's a world waiting once you do.

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Patience, my fiery one, success is at hand. Don't storm the gates, they are swinging wide open if you pause a moment. Grab just the right belt to hold you tight and tug on it when impatience gets to you. It reminds you that it's all unfolding, so give it a chance to show you how big it can be. 

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Welcome to unconscious responses, like the kick when the doctor hits your kneecap in the right spot. Helps to know those pressure points, though. The retail therapy that's best for you this month is something with a cause behind it like Toms shoes. Give and receive is the ticket for you.

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